Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crematoria's Necromonger Hunt

Presented by: Crematoria
Organized by: Rayne Plisskin

Starts on June 28th
Ends on July 18th

This is Crematoria's first sim-wide hunt.  Crematoria features flares of gothic, steampunk, victorian and modern.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the hunt, so spread the word.
Each store will have their items hidden in fun and obscure places and objects, and you will receive clues at each location to help you find your prize, but remember here at Crematoria we like to have fun and play tricks so don't think we are going to go easy on you!

☠ Please refrain from contacting designers directly with any issues.  All queries should be directed to Rayne Plisskin in the form of NOTECARDS ONLY.

☠ Please respect all designers, the sim, and stores you are in and also respect other hunters.

☠ Please keep your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as you can so as not to lag up the sims.  This means not wearing items of clothing that contain lots of prims because it really slows the hunt down for everybody.

☠ Please remember that the shop owners are giving their time and items freely. So if you don't like the prize, delete it and move on. Do not be rude or whine to myself or the shop owners.

☠ Exchange hints and help others, but do not give exact locations. Please do not cheat it is not fair to others and to the shop owners that put the hard work into this for you.

☠ Be nice and play fair, also I can not stress enough be respectful of others. Most important of all - HAVE FUN! It's what hunts are all about.

☠ Have fun and bring your friends!

The starting location for this hunt will be my own store, Sucker Punch (SLURL to come)

Remember to join the .::Crematoria::. group to keep up to date with hunt details and news/sales in Crematoria!

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  1. We're looking forward to it! It should be fun.